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Insider Perspectives

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Equipment Lubrication

by Jim Jung


You Can Gain Powerful Insights by Augmenting Oil Analysis with a More Complete Perspective

Deep beneath the surface, your critical rotating equipment and lubricants are hiding powerful secrets. You might not have been able to see them before, or maybe you didn’t even know to look.

And yet they’re there – great discoveries that can lead the way to longer machine life, increased output, reduced downtime and better use of your time. But only if you’re ready to approach your lubrication practices in a whole new way ...

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Lubricology is a resource created to help you move beyond random, routine or reactive tasks, to a more data-driven, proactive, scientific approach. It’s about applying deeper knowledge and advanced technology to tap into everything your oil can tell you.

We’re not just talking about your typical oil analysis regimen. Too often, these services amount to little more than running tests on an oil sample from a single point and time, and spitting out a technical report that’s hard to understand and generally lacking in advice you can act on.

Lubricology aims for greater impact: a thorough forensic investigation of what’s happening inside and out of the machine, throughout the process and throughout your facility, so you can gain knowledge that really applies to your plant.

Subscribe for Lubricology updates, come back and keep exploring, and in the coming weeks and months, you’ll gain a foundation for this new way of thinking.

We’ll help you score some easy wins over common challenges. Meanwhile, we’ll keep our sights set on the larger transformation that’s necessary for long-term success.

Because when you approach lubrication more purposefully, thoroughly and scientifically, you’ll unlock powerful secrets that help you apply technologies more effectively, deploy people more efficiently and run your plant more productively than ever.


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