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Jim Jung

Vision for the future
Jim is a strong advocate for more proactive approaches to industrial operations including lubrication.
March 10, 2020 / by Jim Jung

Which Is the Superior Oil Sampling Method?

Poor planning and execution while taking the oil samples for analysis will lead to inaccurate or irrelevant oil analysis reports, and incorrect or even harmful responses. You can do better – and when you do, you’ll get more accurate insights about your equipment that you can actually use to improve reliability.

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February 12, 2020 / by Jim Jung

[Plant Shutdown Tips] Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get Ahead of These 4 Machinery Lubrication Issues

A shutdown may be your best opportunity to catch up – and even get ahead. Explore the upgrades you may want to make and learn how to get started.

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January 14, 2020 / by Jim Jung

Reducing Equipment Oil Changes Could Deliver Eye-Popping Cost Savings

If you only perform maintenance procedures when you need to, based on data and science, you stand to save time and money.

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November 12, 2019 / by Jim Jung

Know Your Rights (of Effective Lubrication)

If you’re among the many industrial professionals who still view critical equipment lubricants as mere consumables – commodities to which you give little thought other than price – consider this: Poor lubrication causes as much as 60% of all equipment failures.

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